Royal Excellence School & College
Royal Excellence School & College
63,R.A Khan Road, Thanapara, Kushtia

Message of Chairman

Md. Saiful Islam Khokon
Royal Excellence School & College

We want to give our students exceptional learning outcomes, effective communication skills, and a competitive test preparation that will help them work towards success and prosperity. For this reason, parents send their children to our school to receive the best education possible.
We educate children for life itself by fostering their emotional intelligence, which makes them God-fearing, resilient, compassionate, contemplative, and open-minded enough to adapt to changing circumstances. We want kids to be happy and confident when facing problems.
We are aware that a child's aptitude may not always come from academic success but rather from an unusual perspective on the world and the process of learning.Because of this, we consider every child to be our most valuable asset and work hard to respect his uniqueness by giving him the best chance possible to grow up to be a responsible, independent member of society.
I have no doubt that every kid who attends The Royal Excellence School and College will benefit from their time there and succeed in life.

- Md. Saiful Islam Khokon